Sunday, 7 December 2008

Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City First Impressions / 50th Video!

The time is finally here - my 50th video! And what better video fits the occasion? Only a review on what I see as one of the best games ever!

I'm not over exaggerating this. EVERYONE should at least try this game. It is brilliant. You won't hear me say that about every game I review!

For some reason, this odd noise starts about half-way through the video, and gets louder. I have absolutely no idea what the sound is, must be something to do with the cameras microphone.

FUN FACT #1! I tried recording this in 3 different rooms because it was too dark. My bedroom was the best I could do, using my keyboard as a handy tripod.
FUN FACT #2! I said at the beginning that I wasn't to give an in-depth explaination of the plot of the game. I spent about half the video talking about it!


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